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A Life Change

I was five years old and I was constantly asking my dad how I could come to know Jesus as my personal Savior.

I grew up in church and knew the Bible. I attended Sunday School and church services, but I wanted a relationship like my parents had with Christ. They had the joy and happiness and I wanted that. I wanted to know that I would be in Heaven if I were to die. I wanted to be able to read and understand the Bible like they did in nightly family devotions.

My dad waited to be sure I understood what I really wanted and that accepting Christ is a life changing process. He showed me through the Bible that I needed to repent of my sins, realize that Christ died for my sins because I was a sinner, and that if I asked him to save me He would if I believed.

That night I accepted Christ as my personal Savior and praise the Lord that I did. I could not live every day of my life without Christ.


I have been writing since I was in Kindergarten as my school had various assignments to write stories, journal entries, etc. When I was ten, I started my first major story. I had a friend read it thinking that maybe she would laugh; but was shocked when after reading it, she told me that it was very good…a few rough spots but she gave me a hint that maybe, someday I could become an author. As the years went by, I continued writing in school and for enjoyment. I loved getting new ideas into my head. Some ideas grew from movies, other stories, or people’s lives.

My main focus is to let people know that there is hope in life no matter what they may be struggling with.

As I began to focus on more reality I began writing to make a point come across. I would study and observe other’s lives and from that, grew a major part of my stories.

I help my dad in Junior Church which consists of children from the 1st-6th graders. These children were my guinea pigs. I would write a story, trying to focus on a theme or some important quality in physical and spiritual lives. Sometimes I would tie the story to the message/lesson so that it would help the children to understand more. It worked.

Some of my stories may seem sad. However, it is in the sad and troubled times of our lives that draws many closer to God or in search of something to satisfy. Some find it, others don’t. Every single story that I have written has been prayed over. I am constantly asking the Lord to help me. I want to see His message get across to not only my relatives that do not have a relationship with Christ, but also to the world.

My main reason for writing this book is for my Grandpa, Stewart Sweet. My Grandpa was always encouraging me. He played a special part in my life. The Lord answered a prayer and dream of mine when my Grandpa became interested in my writings. I realized my opportunity and open door from the Lord. Sadly, he passed away in October of last year.

I prayed over this and still am praying that my writings can somehow turn my family to come to know Him personally.

I always promised myself that my first book would also be dedicated to my sister whom I will see someday in Heaven. Her death, is a very touching and sad story but lessons were learned from it and my parents’ relationship grew stronger in the Lord.

My dad has always encouraged me in my writings. He has helped me in the past with editing and enjoys reading them. When I can get him to swell with emotion in tears, then I know that I have hit my mark. Love you Daddy and thank you for everything. Thank you for always being there for me.

I thank the Lord for my mom. She has trained me in the way I should be as a lady. She encourages me in the Lord. Love you Mommy.

My Pastor and his wife, (who also was my piano teacher) gave me great opportunities in my church, to use my writings for programs. Thank you for your trust in me and for the experience and sticking by me when I wanted to quit when the critiquing came on. You pushed me to continue serving the Lord when the times were tough and encouraged me when they were great. You both have been a great blessing to me. Thank you for your spiritual encouragement in my walk with the Lord.

Some of my friends whom I feel played an important part of my writings also need to be mentioned. Dominga W., you were there for me and helped me to continue in this path. You made me come to the spotlight, when I wanted to hide in the shadows. Kimmy F., you have always been like a sister to me. So glad, we are friends. Thank you for being my critique person. Mrs. Debbie T., thank you for reading my stories. I hope you enjoyed them.

A big thanks to those who were the actors in my plays. You all did a fantastic job and made the characters come alive. I was amazed at how some of you could really feel the character. Of course, none of it would have been possible without the Lord’s help. You all had a big role to play. It was time consuming but I appreciate your patience.

A huge thank you to the team of Westbow Press who made this book possible

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