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Who was it written for?

I started putting this project together in 2017.  My Grandfather and I had an awesome relationship together.  Only I was able to talk with him about certain things and he would listen to me but others who tried in the past, could not do this.  He always encouraged me to try and be somebody and do great things. We would e-mail each other quite a bit.  And I would call him now and again when I had time.  I always loved the sound of his voice.

I had entered a writing contest a few years back and asked my Grandpa if he would be interested in reading them.  He said yes.  I did send him silly poems and other stories throughout a few months that I wrote and he would comment on what he thought. 

The sad day came when he passed away in 2017. This was one of the hardest times in my life to lose someone I loved so dearly and was so close to. I was supposed to have the book done and published before then.  Instead I dragged my feet.  I didn't get the chance to tell him before he passed that it was for him.

To this day, that still makes me sad.  He was the one I dedicated this book too. I know he would have been very proud had he known. I wrote this book because I knew he would listen to me and if he didn't understand something, he would ask me questions.  What I share in this book and these stories are what I wanted him to know and hoped that someday he would come to the same area I was in.

Who inspired me

This picture includes all my favorite authors starting from the top to the bottom. 

As is pictured, author Jody Hedlund is at the top.  Why is this?  Mrs. Hedlund was the only author in the past that has written me back on my questions when I e-mailed her besides another author which I don't have pictured.

I have written several other Christian authors and was very sad and disappointed when they would not return my e-mails.  As a new author, I do not want that to be said of me.  If anyone writes me, I want to be sure and answer them back.

Because of Mrs. Hedlund's answers to me, I pursued my first book project.  She gave me hope and great encouragement.  I think she is also a very great writer.  Thank you Mrs. Hedlund!

The Story of Coniah

Iron Will was the basic idea from where my story of Coniah started, however it is different and the main character himself has his own story.  A story that I had to read in school was also an influence, yet again, is not written the same way. 

"Coniah" is the story of a boy and his dog.  The boy has to learn to build a relationship with the dog who was mistreated by a former owner.  The Uncle is against the whole idea but eventually gives in seeing the boy's dedication and love.  "Coniah" teaches a great lesson on forgiveness. 

Book Dedication

Dedicated to my Grandpa, who passed away in October 2017, for inspiring me to make and do something with my life. I wanted to have this completed before you passed away but even though you will never get to see this, you are always in my heart and I have very special memories of you.

Dedication Part 2

To Hannah my deceased sister of whom I never met but share a special bond with and always promise myself that my first book would be dedicated to her.

Established 2019 by Rebekah Sweet

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