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Reviews from Readers

Forgiveness and Healing

A Heart’s Inscription is a two-part book. It begins with short tales for children, enjoyable tales excellent for bedtime reads with parents. The second half is a collection of short, touching glimpses into historical events that have impacted our world. Each tale represents a life lesson, taking the reader from the trauma and hardships the characters experience during those times, through their internal struggles, and then showing how each used God’s word to ultimately arrive at a point of forgiveness and healing.

Author D.C. Sargent


A Heart's Inscriptions is a must read book! Its pages are filled with inspiring short stories and poems. The author so cleverly teaches great life lessons through fictional characters such as a princess, a cowboy, and a seal. Both children and adults can read and enjoy this book. Definitely worth your time!

Kimberly McVey

A Painter's Brush

In the spirit of C.S. Lewis this talented young writer portrays the spiritual struggles many Christians face in relation to "The Enemy". Like a painter's brush the result of Miss Sweet's heart-felt pen is profound imagery in every stroke provoking the reader to glean hope, even in our darkest of times, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Simply put...Bravo!

JC Williams

Family Fun and Entertaining

A great read. Short stories interesting and entertaining for the whole family. Put away the kids electronics and hand them this book..

Howard (and Helen) Hawkey

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